History of The Hale On Wheels Cycling Club

by Judge Ed Self (March 2014)

The cycling club grew directly out of the first Hale on Wheels Cycling Event during Cowboy Days in 2009.  Sandra Aven was publisher of the Plainview Daily Herald, who sponsored Cowboy Days, and also the President of the Plainview Chamber of Commerce that year and had the idea that Cowboy Days needed the addition of a new event.  She suggested a bike ride.  My wife Mary Anna was a friend of Sandra’s and also on the Chamber of Commerce board.  When Sandra suggested a bike ride to Mary Anna, of course, knowing I had been to some organized rides, volunteered my help to put on the ride.

The Chamber, through Sandra’s help, signed on as sponsor and the ride happened.  After that ride, in Sept 2009, I saw that there were several cyclists in the Plainview area that participated in the ride that I didn’t know were riders.  I thought a cycling club might work here, so I sent out letters to all persons who I could identify inviting them to an organizational meeting to see if there was enough interest in starting a club.  At that meeting, which was in October 2009, we had a good attendance, I think around 25 -30 people.  The consensus at the meeting was that there was enough interest, so we set dates and times for, and conducted later meetings, about once per month, and I sent out a little newsletter to keep everyone informed.

We didn’t elect any officers and I just acted as organizer without title.  We had several meetings and finally decided on a name (we didn’t have a name for a while) after Mitch Self suggested we call the club the Hale on Wheels Cycling Club after the ride’s name.

For the first several years, there were no officers. It was not until 2011, Tim Hardage became the first President, Gabriel Martinez the first Vice-President Newsletter Editor, myself, Webmaster Jeff Earhart, and Secretary/Treasurer Randy Kaufman.

The club was started to give area riders a group with common interests, to get together for rides, and to share information and social interaction.


History of Club Officers

2020: Richard Porter
2014-2019: Ron Appling
2013: Gabriel Martinez
2012: Randy Kaufman
2011: Tim Hardage
2009–2010: Judge Ed Self (Organizer & unofficial President)

Vice President
2014-2019: Tara Fox
2013: Ron Appling
2012: Gabriel Martinez
2011: Stacie Hardage

2011-2020: Randy Kaufman

2012-2020: Jeff Earhart

Membership Coordinator
2019-2020: Heather Riley
2015-2018: Sandra Aven
(In 2015: Changed from Newsletter Editor)
2011-2014: Judge Ed Self


History of Club Awards

Member of the Year: Jeff Earhart
Blazing Wheels: Ron Appling
Above & Beyond: Phil Zolman
New Member of the Year: Heather Riley
Special Recognition: Andrew Hannon and Cynthia Zolman

Member of the Year: Tara Fox
Blazing Wheels: Ron Appling
Above & Beyond: Randy Kaufman
New Member of the Year: Kim Dickerson and Nancy Hannon

Member of the Year: Randy Kaufman
Blazing Wheels: Ron Appling
Above & Beyond: Richard Porter
New Member of the Year: Richard Del Campo
Special Recognition: Sandra Aven, Jeff Earhart, and Tara Fox

Member of the Year: Tara Fox
Blazing Wheels: Ron Appling
Above & Beyond: Phil Zolman
New Member of the Year: Cody Lindberg
Special Recognition: Carl Marlar

Member of the Year: Ron Appling
Blazing Wheels: Phil Zolman
Above & Beyond: Jeff Earhart
New Member of the Year: Richard Porter
Special Recognition: Judge Ed Self

Member of the Year: Gabriel Martinez
Blazing Wheels: Jeff Earhart
Above & Beyond: Phil Zolman
New Member of the Year: Sandra Aven


History of Hale on Wheels
Cycling Event Director

2014 – 2020: Ron Appling
2011 – 2013: Gabriel Martinez
2009 – 2010: Judge Ed Self (Event Creator)